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WE AC adapter 19V/3.15A 60W con. 5.5×3.0mm + pin

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Whitenergy adapters meet the highest quality and safety standards. Buyers can rest assured that it has been manufactured in compliance with all applicable standards. The adapter producer provides a 24 – month warranty. You can find your adapter using the configurator. This adapter is suitable for all notebooks and devices with the specified power and connector specifications A part of the package: 1. AC adapter
2. Power cord
3. Operating instructions Compatible with the following notebook models: Samsung:
VM-6000, MetroBook LT, VL, GS6000, GT6000, VM7000, VM7000, VM7000, VM7000, VM7550, VM7550CT, VM7650, VM7650CT, VM7650CXTD, VM8000, VM8080, VM8080CXT, VM8090, VM8090CT, VM8090CXTD00, VM8090CXTD00, , X05, X10, X15, Seria Aquila X10, Seria Aquila X10, Seria Corona P30, GT8000, 8100, GT8600, GT8600XT, GT8650, GT8650XT, GT8700, GT8700XT, GT8750, GT8750XT, GT8700XV, GT8800, GT8800XT, GT8800XT GT8850XTD, GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR, GT9000, GT9000 PRO, GT6330, GT6330XT, GT6360, GT6360, GT6360XT, GT6400, GT6400XV, GT7000, GT7700, GT8910, GT8910KXV, P30, SN6000, VM8000XT00, , VM8110CXTD, VM8110XTC, VM6000, VM6300, VM6300CT Sens 630, 820, Pro 680, Pro 850,
TransPort GX, TransPort GX2, TransPort GX3, TransPort GX3, TransPort LT, TransPort VX, TransPort XT, TransPort XT2, TransPort ZX Attention – power cables are illustrative photo
According to the design of the psu is included
Power supply cable 2-core 220V with plug (Type C) – to C7 (2-pin, so-called eight)
Schuko 220V AC Power Cord (Type E) – to C5 (3-pin, mickey mouse, shamrock) Despite the constant compatibility of our products, the above list may not be complete. If you have any questions, please contact Whitenergy sales and technical support


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