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Voltage converter Carspa P400U-242 24V/230V + USB 400W, pure sine

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CARSPA P400U – pure sine wave inverters offer excellent quality and true sine wave output for the operation of your favorite power tools and other sensitive loads. Product features:
? High resistance to surge current, the ability to run heavy loads such as televisions, motors and more.
? Protection grounding
? Smooth start: smooth start-up from appliances.
? Pure sine wave output voltage: net power for sensitive loads.
? The cooling fan in the inverter is thermally activated, it automatically shuts off when the inverter cools down.
? Two LED indicators on the front panel show the operating and fault status. Protection function:
? Low voltage: alarm on and off
? Surge protection
? Overload protection
? Thermal protection
? Short circuit protection
? Reverse polarity protection
? Smooth start
? Auto.reset
? Protection grounding Technical parameters:
-Dimensions: 260 ? 150 ? 58mm
-Weight: 1.6 kg
– Socket type F – Euro with earthing pin
-Output 400W permanently, 800W peak
-pure sine wave
-Consumption of inverter without load:? 0.6A Package contents:
Voltage converter
Cables with pliers for connection to the battery
Replacement fuse
Czech instructions


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