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Ubiquiti UVC-G3-Flex – UniFi Video Camera G3 FLEX

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UniFi Video camera of the 3rd generation (UVC-G3-FLEX) provides a sharp image in Full HD resolution with the possibility of night vision and supports PoE power supply according to the 802.3af standard.
Ideal for securing an office, shop, hotel or industrial building.
UniFi Video cameras G3 provide 1080p resolution with 25 frames per second in day and night mode.
Video recording is possible both continuously and after motion detection. The camera offers a vertical 63? and horizontal 60? rotation option.
Thanks to the flexible brackets that are included in the package, it is possible to mount it on a wall, on a pole or on a table. The camera includes a sensitive integrated microphone for high-quality sound recording. The UniFi Video G3-FLEX IP camera is part of the Enterprise product line, where the greatest advantage is the centralized management of all devices in a single software.
It is a sophisticated UniFi Video controller for controlling cameras, which is also compatible with Windows and Linux. It is possible to save the recording to a local disk or a UniFi Video recording server with an already integrated 2 TB disk and pre-installed UniFi Video software.
Yes ther advantage is the possibility of management using an application for mobile devices. The camera supports PoE 802.3af power supply. The package does not include a PoE injector. Minimal requirements:
UniFi Video Controller 3.9.2a and higher.
Operating system 64-bit Microsoft Windows10/8/7, Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04, or Debian 7.0.CPU 1.86GHz (and higher), at least 4GB RAM.
The UniFi Video software is constantly being improved, so we recommend that you always use the latest version, which you can download from the Downloads section of the Ubiquiti website. Compliance: CE
LAN port: 1x RJ45 10/100Mbps
Default IP:
Default name: Ubiquiti
Default password: Ubiquiti
Power (V): POE (802.3af)
Consumption (W): 4
Weight (g): 170
Audio: Yes
Lens: 3.4mm, F1.2
Max. frame rate (fps): 25
Max. resolution (Mpx): 1920×1080
Height (mm): 107.5
Width (mm): 48
Depth (mm): 48
Operating temperature min (?C): -20
Operating temperature max (?C): 50


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