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Solar HD camera Viking HDs02 4G

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Solar HD camera Viking HDs02 4G Solar HD camera VIKING HDs02 4G with rotating motorized lens, IP66 protection (applies only if all input and output connectors are covered, e.g. with a silicone protective cover) and strong infrared night vision. Suitable for securing premises without power supply. Thanks to three solar panels, the camera is completely independent of the electrical network.
The camera connection is ensured by a 4G modem. This camera offers you a high resolution of Full HD 1080P (1920×1080 pixels), which will always provide you with a faithful image. This camera has an integrated slot for standard MicroSD memory cards.
Recorded video is encoded into H.265 and H.264+ format. You can either save the video to a TF card, the cloud, or watch it online using the application. Before starting the camera, you only need to insert a TF/micro SD card, an active SIM card, very simply pair it with the mobile application and the camera is online and ready to transmit images and sound, day and night.
The solar HD camera Viking HDs02 4G can be powered either by three solar panels, which will provide your camera with sufficient power for operation, or via USB-C directly from the mains. The total power of the solar panels is 22W (2x8W and 1x6W). Thanks to its integrated battery (30,000 mAh), it can keep recording without any problems, even when it not a sunny day. This camera significantly saves energy thanks to its automatic sleep function. The camera is automatically activated when it detects movement. Three solar panels will ensure the necessary battery charging (depending on lighting conditions) for unlimited operation of the 4G camera. Thanks to the motorized drive, the camera can be rotated up to 350? horizontally and 90? vertically
The UBox application will enable convenient remote access, camera control, recording or notifications in caseof motion detection.
This camera is equipped with a microphone and speaker for two-way audio transmission.
The solar HD camera VIKING HDs02 4G is equipped with IR night vision. With this function, you won’t miss any movement even at night. For even better visibility, you can remotely turn on the LEDs with a range of 30m.
IP66 protection guarantees safe use of the camera even in the rain (applies only if all input and output connectors are covered, e.g. by a silicone protective cover)
You can then connect to the camera from any corner of the world. Technical Specifications:
Sensor type: 2.0MP 1/2.7″ CMOS
SIM card: Nano SIM
Recording resolution: 1920*1080
Battery capacity: 30000mAh
Solar panel power: 22W
Night mode: YES
Support TF card: YES(16GB-128GB)
Working temperature: -10~60?C
Consumption in standby mode: 0.05W
Protection: IP66 (applies only if all input and output connectors are covered, e.g. by a silicone protective cover)
Dimensions: 235*240*115mm
Weight: 2Kg
Angle of engagement 350?/90?


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