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Samsung DX Series 40″ LCD Display




The?Samsung 400DX-3 40″ Professional LCD Display?is a 1920 x 1080 native screen that’s designed for heavy use in public environments. The 400DX-3 features a brightness rating of 700 cd/m?, a dynamic contrast of 10000:1, an anti-glare screen, and digital & analog connections to accommodate a wide variety of video sources.
The 16:9 screen features two HDMI inputs, a DisplayPort and a VGA input, and inputs for analog composite and component video. There’s also a DVI-D output for looping a signal to another monitor ? a key feature for public-display environments that require repeated content across multiple screens. This screen is designed to serve as part of a matrix as large as 10 x 10, and control via Multi Display Control makes it easy to update content remotely. There’s RS-232 input and output for remote control of the screen, as well as IR in/out via stereo mini.
The 40″ 400DX-3 features an ambient brightness sensor that triggers the dimming of the screen in lower-ambient-light situations where not as much screen brightness is needed. This results in a lower energy bill than would full-power operation.
Energy-Saving Smart SensorStop worrying about the lighting conditions affecting your display. This Samsung large-format display (LFD) adjusts its brightness levels as ambient light changes, so your images are always crystal-clear. And while it compensates for low-light and high-light environments, you’ll save energy and stay eco-friendlyReliable, Durable & Dust-resistantBefitting a professional display, this monitor was built to stand the test of time ? and dust. The Samsung 400DX-3 is durable and dust-resistant. A corner-sealing design, a double-layer structure, and screw- and user hole-sealing add to its ruggedness. Make sure dirt and dust won’t stand in the way of getting your message outVersatile Connectivity Without Extra CostsCreate a professional digital display without having to purchase any extras, such as a distributor or other external equipment. Samsung makes it easy with a DisplayPort, which delivers enhanced connectivity and an improved display interface. With a simple adapter (not included, you can connect your PC, monitor or TV using an HDMI or DVI cable that’s more than twice as long as standard cables. Discover an easy, cost-effective way to create a powerful displayEasy Control That Goes the DistanceWhen your content requires continual, frequent updates, you need a reliable software solution that lets you communicate with remote displays in a cost-effective, timely manner. Samsung LFDs feature an upgraded Multi Display Control solution that lets you control a large number of monitors through their embedded RS-232 and RJ45 interfaces. Intuitive to use, Multi Display Control enables you to control monitors over short and long distancesSet a Schedule That’s Always on TimeKeep your monitor running efficiently at all times. This Samsung LFD boasts a smart scheduling feature. The automatic power on/off function allows you to designate time, day, volume, input source, and holiday dates. There’s even a convenient on-screen display setting with up to three schedules, including day and timeBuild a High-Quality Video WallCreate the ultimate video wall with Samsung LFDs. Because the 400DX-3 has an embedded video matrix processor, it supports 1 x 1 to 10 x 10 wall formats, so the possibilities are almost endless. Better yet, they need no additional support, allowing you to enjoy total convenienceBuilt-In SpeakersMaximize your impact with a great picture and crisp audio. Your message will be heard loud and clear with built-in 10W speakers. You’ll save money when you eliminate the cost of purchasing separate speakers, and you’ll save valuable space as wellBright Lights, Big PictureWith an intensely illuminated DID panel, your message is always in the spotlight. The 40″ LCD screen’s high brightness and contrast level make the display clear and readable in public. In fact, on average it’s 1.5x as bright as conventional TV screensLandscape or Portrait?The Samsung 400DX-3 gives you the flexibility to display your image vertically or horizontally ? whatever the situation calls for. With a pivot function that rotates the display 90? and the freedom to show presentations in portrait mode or advertisements in landscape mode, this makes for one versatile monitorStay in the Loop with DVI OutEnjoy superior picture quality with a DVI output that lets you share content between multiple displays, making for an easier-to-connect video matrix. Large displays used to have to be connected to a PC video source individually, but digital loop out allows you to connect them without connecting to a PC. Better yet, the digital loop-out produces a single image without any loss of quality, and there’s no need for a separate video signal distributor. It’s easy to install and the most cost-effective way to connect multiple displaysTwice the Info, Double the ImpactWhether your presentation requires a picture-in-picture configuration or a picture-by-picture (side-by-side) arrangement, this Samsung display makes it possible. When one image just isn’t enough, two video signals can be viewed simultaneously for maximum impactA Glare-Free PictureWhether you have a story to tell or a product to sell, it’s important that your image is crystal-clear. The Samsung 400DX-3 delivers just that ? even if your display is located in a brightly lit environment. It eliminates any reflections that can disrupt your ad’s readability, keeping images smooth and visibleUpgrade EffortlesslyThe 400DX-3 makes upgrading firmware easy. The simple transmission is accomplished through an image file, using a DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. The display lets you perform upgrades effortlessly through a direct connection with your PC


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