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QNAP adapter QDA-A2AR (2x 2.5 “SATA slots in 3.5” SATA frame)

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Use two 2.5 ?SATA drives in one 3.5? drive bay for SATA drives with RAID support for computers and NAS Manufacturer website link:
Video: Function
The QDA-A2AR can hold two 2.5 ?SATA drives into one 3.5? drive bay for SATA drives. No software driver is required for the QDA-A2AR and can be installed on a computer/workstation (Windows?, Linux?) or QNAP NAS to flexibly add additional hard drives or SSDs for different storage needs. Use two 2.5 ?SATA HDD/SSDs (7 to 9.5mm high) in one 3.5? drive bay. (HDD/SSD sold separately) File transfer speeds up to 6 Gbps. This may be the primary bootable device for computers. Choose a RAID hardware group with a disk mode switch. The QDA-A2AR supports various RAID configurations. Depending on your requirements, you can use the included metal switch as a disk mode switching tool to select the ideal RAID mode: Individual, JBOD, RAID 0, or RAID 1. Windows? users can use QNAP External RAID Manager to view RAID group status and information about disc health. When using two 2.5 ?drives instead of one 3.5? drive on a computer/workstation (Windows? or Linux?), you can create RAID 0 for enhanced performance or RAID 1 to add data redundancy for greater data protection. To handle high-speed, high-speed data transfer tasks, you can install high-speed SATA SSDs for maximum performance and lower latency, ideal for hot video editing and server applications. QNAP External RAID Manager allows Windows? users to view the disk status and RAID information of the QDA-A2AR. You can also manage QDA-A2AR firmware updates using External RAID Manager. The QDA-A2AR supports hardware RAID that does not consume CPU repsus to maintain optimal NAS performance. You can install one or more QDA-A2ARs in the NAS to maximize the use of 3.5 ?drive bays. The QDA-A2AR can include two SSDs that enable you to create an SSD volume for performance-intensive workflows or working in an efficient, staged storage environment with Qtier. It can also improve IOPS performance if the SSD cache is configured. The RAID and disk health information of the QDA-A2AR can be monitored through the Storage and QTS Snapshot Manager. PACKAGE CONTENTS QDA-A2AR Flat head screw x8 (for 2.5 ?HDD/SSD) RAID Switch Tool Quick Installation Guide SPECIFICATIONS Minimum operating system requirements QNAP NAS: QTS 4.4.1 and later Windows: Windows 7 and later, Windows Server 2012 R2 and later Linux Software Utility Features
QNAP External RAID Manager Device overview, disks, and RAID info and status Support for disk SMART monitoring Desktop notification to inform abnormal status RAID rebuild RAID recovery Firmware update Notification for new firmware and application System event logs for troubleshooting Export event logs to .csv file Note: Actual performance may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as RAID mode, RAID configuration, disk model and capacity. More information can be found on the manufacturer website


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