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Power adapter 90W, 20V YOGA conn., Lenovo original

AED 187.00

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This is an original Lenovo brand adapter. Max. Power: 90W
Output voltage: 20.0V
Input: 100-240V
DC connector type: YOGA
Inner diameter of connector: 3.00 the package does not include a 3 pin power cord The adapter spare part can be used for notebook models: Lenovo
Lenovo 300 series Lenovo 330S-15IKB GTX1050
Lenovo 700 series Lenovo 720S Touch-15IKB, Lenovo 720S-15IKB, Lenovo 720-15IKB
Lenovo B series Lenovo B4400, Lenovo B5400
Lenovo E series Lenovo E4430
Lenovo G series Lenovo G400, Lenovo G400s, Lenovo G400s Touch, Lenovo G405, Lenovo G405s, Lenovo G410, Lenovo G410s Touch, Lenovo G500, Lenovo G500s, Lenovo G500s Touch, Lenovo G505, Lenovo G505s, Lenovo G510, Lenovo G510s Touch, Lenovo G700, Lenovo G710
Lenovo M series Lenovo M5400, Lenovo M5400 Touch
Lenovo S series Lenovo S540-15IWL GTX
Lenovo Y series Lenovo Y40-70, Lenovo Y40-80
Lenovo Yoga series Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB, Lenovo Yoga 730-15IKB, Lenovo Yoga 730-15IWL
Lenovo Z series Lenovo Z410, Lenovo Z510, Lenovo Z510 Touch, Lenovo Z51-70, Lenovo Z710
ThinkPad 13 Machine Type 20J1, Machine Type 20J2
ThinkPad Edge E431 Machine Type 6277, Machine Type 6886
ThinkPad Edge E440 Machine Type 20C5
ThinkPad Edge E470 Machine Type 20H1, Machine Type 20H2
ThinkPad Edge E470c Machine Type 20H3
ThinkPad Edge E475 Machine Type 20H4
ThinkPad Edge E531 Machine Type 6885, Machine Type 6887
ThinkPad Edge E540 Machine Type 20C6
ThinkPad Edge E570 Machine Type 20H5, Machine Type 20H6
ThinkPad Edge E570c Machine Type 20H7
ThinkPad Edge E575 Machine Type 20H8
ThinkPad L440 Machine Type 20AS, Machine Type 20AT
ThinkPad L540 Machine Type 20AU, Machine Type 20AV
ThinkPad T440 Machine Type 20B6, Machine Type 20B7
ThinkPad T440p Machine Type 20AN, Machine Type 20AW
ThinkPad T440s Machine Type 20AQ, Machine Type 20AR
ThinkPad T460p Machine Type 20FW, Machine Type 20FX
ThinkPad T470p Machine Type 20J6, Machine Type 20J7
ThinkPad T540p Machine Type 20BE, Machine Type 20BF
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Machine Type 3443, Machine Type 3444, Machine Type 3446, Machine Type 3448, Machine Type 3460, Machine Type 3462, Machine Type 3463
ThinkPad X131e Machine Type 3367, Machine Type 3368, Machine Type 3369, Machine Type 3371, Machine Type 3372, Machine Type 3374
ThinkPad X131e Chromebook Machine Type 6238
ThinkPad X230 Machine Type 2306, Machine Type 2320, Machine Type 2322, Machine Type 2324, Machine Type 2325, Machine Type 2330, Machine Type 2333
ThinkPad X230i Machine Type 2306, Machine Type 2320, Machine Type 2322, Machine Type 2324, Machine Type 2325 You can find the operating instructions here: https://shop.sil.com/katalog/soubory/navodkobsluze.pdf


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