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NEC 65″ LED Backlit Ultra High Definition Professional Grade Large Screen Display X651UHD – 2


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Functions and Features:

4K quality and large screens offer overwhelming appeal

The impressive large screens offer 4K (3,840 ? 2,160) display, which is four times the resolution of Full HD. They precisely reproduce photos and video down to their fine details and bring overwhelming presence, realism, and depth to public spaces.

Display differences with Full HD (FHD)

Visibility differences by screen size (display range in Excel)

UHD upscaling function

The UHD upscaling function can display Full HD video signals at a quality-level equivalent to 4K, so many conventional content types can be displayed at high quality.

Increasing the resolution clarifies the unevenness of the wall, revealing a feeling of solidity and depth.

Multi-screen display of up to four screens enables display of large volumes of information

The multi-screen function lets you divide the display and show separate input signals at the same time. Even when the display is divided into two, three, or four screens, there are various multi-screen functions using 4K ultra high resolution. In addition, the display provides a seamless 4K multi-screen environment by displaying four Full HD (1,920 ? 1,080) screens at the same time.

Examples of multi-screen display

SpectraView engine precisely recreates colours with high precision

The display can reproduce colours more accurately because it is equipped with a 3D lookup table and unique colour conversion algorithm through its dedicated imageprocessing IC. Various colour gamuts can be expressed precisely according to sRGB and other industry standards without calibration of each image-quality setting. In addition, display settings designed for different applications are preset at the factory as ?Picture Mode? settings, so you can use a setting quickly by selecting it from the menu.

Support for MultiProfiler software to easily realize various emulation functions

The display supports MultiProfiler, NEC’s unique application software. Applying an ICC profile* to the display easily enables advanced colour reproduction, and you can also create and save ICC profiles for displays that require colour management.

*ICC profile: A file established by the International Color Consortium (ICC)
that lists the colour gamut of the device to determine how a specific device reproduces colour.
Files can be created for three main device types: displays, input devices (digital cameras, scanners, etc.) and output devices (printers, etc.).

ICC profile emulation function

Using the newly developed MultiProfiler application to apply various ICC profiles to the display has enabled highly accurate colour reproduction, even without software that supports colour management. By using simple operations, you can configure colour gamut such as sRGB and Adobe?RGB, and colour matching for displays of other companies is also supported.

Print emulation function

Using MultiProfiler to apply ICC profiles to the display reproduces print images without needing software that supports colour management. For example, ICC profiles compliant with Japan Colour and other industry standards, ICC profiles configured and managed by individual print companies, and ICC profiles of printers generated by software that supports other colour management systems can be used.

Human Sensor and Advanced Auto Dimming

This optional human (motion) sensor accessory (KT-RC2) helps to deliver creative digital signage to end users by allowing for dynamic control of brightness, audio and source inputs while saving on operating costs. Auto dimming adjusts the backlight of the LCD automatically depending on the amount of ambient light.

Practical example

Optional Dual Expansion Slot

The slot technology allows for the integration of Open Pluggable Specification (OPS*) boards and other option slot products without the need to store additional external equipment. This offers the greater flexibility customers require.?

Intelligent Wireless Data Function

The built-in near field communication (NFC) chip allows data to be read and written via a mobile phone or tablet PC. Users can significantly reduce installation costs as displays can be easily configured and serviced using the NEC NFC Android app. This is available even when the display is switched off and especially useful on larger installations.

Dedicated Colour Calibration Software*

As the brightness and colour temperature of the LCD change with time, colours may not match across multiple screens. Our dedicated colour calibration software ensures colour uniformity and fidelity across multiple screens, creating a perfectly matched image in tiled environments.

NaViSet Administrator 2

This software is an all-in-one remote support solution that runs from a central location and provides monitoring, asset management and control functionality of the majority of NEC display devices and Windows computers. It is ideal for multi-device installations over larger infrastructures.


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