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Lenovo Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand

AED 164.00

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We all know that our bodies were not designed for all-day sitting in front of computers. The Lenovo Portable Metal Laptop Stand is an accessory that relieves pain and discomfort by placing the laptop at an ergonomic 18-degree angle. The robust aluminum and silicone frame folds when not in use for easy storage and has vents that increase airflow and prevent the notebook from overheating. Key properties It supports laptops up to 15 inches with a robust aluminum construction The ergonomic 18-degree incline and 3.5-inch lift provide hours of pain-free work The ventilated design improves airflow and prevents overheating Folding stand for use anywhere Rubber foot to prevent slipping and damage to the tables Technical parameters Dimensions: 270 x 260 17.8 mm Weight: 516 g Color: Silver


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