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Kingston FURY Beast/DDR5/16GB/6000MHz/CL40/2x8GB/Black

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Kingston FURY? Beast DDR5 memory
Treat yourself to DDR5 performance. Kingston FURY? Beast DDR5 delivers the latest, cutting-edge technology for next-generation gaming platforms. Higher speed, capacity and reliability ? DDR5 memory comes with an arsenal of improved features, such as On-die ECC (ODECC) for better stability at extreme speeds, dual 32-bit subchannels for increased efficiency, and an on-module power management integrated circuit (PMIC) that delivers the juice where you need it most.
The dramatic speed boost achieved by doubling the bank from 16 to 32 and doubling the burst length from 8 to 16 takes DDR5 memory, gaming experience and overall system usability to a whole new level of performance.
Whether you’re pushing your limits when gaming at the most extreme settings, live streaming in 4K+ resolution, or working on large-scale animation and 3D rendering, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory will take you to the next level you need while seamlessly blending style and stunning performance.
In addition, it uses Intel? XMP 3.0, a new overclocking specification that includes two customizable speed and timing profiles. ? Higher performance starting at 4800 MT/s
? Improved stability for overclocking
? Increased efficiency
? Intel? XMP 3.0 mode support, with certificate
? Supported by the world leading motherboard manufacturers (QVL list)
? Plug N Play at a frequency of 4800 MT/s (depends on the manufacturer BIOS)
? Low-profile cooler design Memory type: DDR5
Memory capacity: 2×8 GB Memory frequency: 6000 MHz
Error correction (ECC): No
Timing: CL 40 Number of modules in the package: 2 x 8 GB Dimensions: 6.6×34.8×133.4 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 38.6 g
Not suitable for Ryzen 7000 series!


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