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Iadea XDS-1088-A All-In-One Advanced 10.1″ Interactive Room Panel


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XDS-1088-A (NFC & RFID) XDS-1088-H (HID) 10? All-In-One Meeting Room Signboard with Touch and Embedded NFC & RFID?

This all-in-one 10? smart room panel is elegantly designed for the professional workplace. The built-in programmable LED side lights are perfect for immediate visible communication of room status, displaying green when the room is available and red when not, allowing viewers to view room availability from a distance.


An easy-to-deploy, stylish, and versatile solution for all spaces

The IAdea XDS-1071 is a 10? all-in-one smart display that is part of the IAdea Digital Signage Series. It incorporates a robust design and commercial functionality into a value-packed digital signage solution.


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