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DoCash CUBE Automatic Counterfeit Detector





100% counterfeit detection
Genuineness detection in any orientation
Complete removal of ?human factor? from banknote genuineness detection


EURO verifier with extention up to 7 currency
Innovative and complex system of genuineness detection by every security feature available: spectral paint analysis, IR and MG markings, optical thickness and linear dimension of banknotes
Easy cash detection process with ability to work with different orientations at high speed
Completely automatic system without requiring any special preparations from user
Large and informative LCD display
Ability to upgrade the database and firmware at the workspace via PC
Ability to use the detector in small environments due to compact size and adjustable forward or reversed output of detected banknotes
Automatic display shutdown for efficient energy saving
Accessible track for easy maintenance and removing dust from sensors
Successful test results from European Central Bank (including new 20 and 50 EURO banknotes)


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