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85,6″ DELL C8621QT 4K

AED 31,770.00

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Better touch control than other monitors.
The 85.6 “display features intelligent, fast-response technology that improves collaboration. The system offers 20 touch points and integrated speakers. Display Visible Diagonal Size (VIS): 2,174.27 mm, 85.6 inches Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz Pixel pitch: 0.4935 mm x 0.4935 mm Response time (usually): 8 ms (usually, gray-gray), 12 ms (maximum) (gray-gray) Display orientation: Landscape Visible image dimensions :: Horizontal: -1 895.04 mm; vertical: -1 065.96 mm Front cover width in black: 43.72 mm (top), 43.80 mm (left/right), 46.96 mm (bottom) Aspect ratio: 16: 9 Viewing angle (vertical/horizontal): 178 ?/178 ? Luminance (brightness): 350 cd/m2 (usually) Contrast ratio (usually): Dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) 1,200: 1 Backlight: LED strip system (Edge Light system) Backlight life: 30,000 h (min.) Color range: 72% (CIE 1931) Number of colors: 1.07 billion colors Pixels per inch (PPI): 25 Panel technology, surface: IPS Panel bits: 10 bits Screen type :: Thermally tempered glass (4 mm) Surface hardness: 9H Surface treatment: Smudge protection, anti-reflective Connectivity 1 port DP 1.2 1 USB type C port (alternative mode with DisplayPort 1.2 port, PD power supply up to 90 W) 4 HDMI 2.0 ports 3 USB 3.1 ports for data download 1 USB BC 1.2 charging port, current 2 A (max.) 3 USB 3.1 ports for sending data 1 analog audio output 2.0 (3.5mm jack) 1 RJ-45 1 RS232 Size and weight Height (compressed/standard) x width x depth: 1,156.63 mm x 1,982.64 mm x 82.8 mm VESA mounting point (wall/stand): 600 x 400 mm Monitor head (without stand) height x width x depth: 1,156.63 mm x 1,982.64 mm x 82.8 mm Weight (monitor only) for VESA mounting (without cables): 86.5 kg Weight (including packaging): 114.5 kg Package contents Power cord (varies by country) Power cord for connecting the OptiPlex computer to the display (1 meter) USB 3.1 cable for connection to a computer (3 meters) DP cable (DP-DP) (3 meters) HDMI cable (3 meters) USB type C cable (1.8 meters) 1 remote control 1 remote holder 2 passive touch pens 2 tips for passive pen 3 cable clamps 1 PC box holder 2 AAA batteries Link : https://www.dell.com/en/p/dell-c8621qt-monitor/pd


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