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Industrial Shredders

  1. IDEAL 5009-3CC / 6 x 50 mm Cross Cut Shredder

    Application - High Capacity Shredder, Feed opening - 500 mm, Shredding Size - 6 x 50 mm cross-cut, Levels of Security (DIN #66399) - P-3, Sheet capacity (70gsm | 80gsm) - 300-400|250-350. Learn More

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  2. Kobra Cyclone Heavy Duty Industrial Paper Shredder

    Industrial shredder designed for large quantities of material (up to 420kg per hour): paper (500 sheets at a time), credit cards (45.000 per hour), CDs / DVDs / Blu-ray (15.000 per hour), Floppy-Disks (7.000 per hour), cardboard, carton boxes, aluminium cans and plastic bottles. Learn More

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