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GLORY DE-100 Cash Deposit Machine


Quick Overview

  • Streamline business process by creating a more effective deposit or cash payment procedure both in at the front-office and back -office

  • Improve customer service with reduced number of customers waiting in line

  • Avoid data discrepancies by providing receipt as a proof of transaction

  • Minimise losses due to undetected counterfeit banknotes with Recognition and Authentication technologies

  • Enhance corporate image with state-of-the-art technology and higher customer satisfaction

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Glory DE-100 is a self-service solution for cash deposits. This machine enables customers to deposit banknotes by themselves, with multiple customer authentication options.

Without the supervision of an attendant person, customers may deposit their banknotes or make cash payment and get the machine to automatically count and authenticate the banknotes. Upon a successful transaction, a receipt will be printed to provide customers or users with a proof of transaction.

Besides implementation for self-service cash deposit at the front-office and back-office in banks, this cash deposit machine can also be used for cash payment in:

  • financial institutions for vehicle or housing installments, credit and loans payment, etc. purchase
  • retail companies for payment of goods purchased at retail outlets
  • self-service gas station for customer to deposit payment by themselve

Glory DE-100 cash deposit machine involves several interrelated components designed to be user-friendly to enable customers or users to deposit banknotes or make cash payments with ease.

Among the components are:

LCD Display

Glory DE-100 cash deposit machine is equipped with an LCD display to show the deposit transaction process and counting result for confirmation. This LCD display also functions to show instructions, error codes, and re levant selection menus to help guide users during troubleshooting or maintenance.

Card Reader (Optional)

Card reader is the component for customers authentication using User’s ID embedded into a card. In case customers do not bring their card, they may still proceed by manually inputting the ID number through the numeric keypad.

Numeric Keypad

For ease of use, Glory DE-100 self-service cash deposit machine is also equipped with a numeric keypad to input customer’s ID or User’s ID.

In addition, the numeric keypad also functions to enable an attendant person to configure the operational setting and fix any errors possibly occurring during transactions. Similarly, for the assigned staff, this numeric keypad also functions to enter the security code before opening the safe unit and taking out the storage bag for cash collection.


Glory DE-100 banknote deposit machine comes with a large-capacity hopper that can hold up to 300 notes with counting speed up to 600 notes per minute, making transaction time significantly reduced as compared to processing deposits or payments manually.

Furthermore, Glory-DE 100 cash deposit machine is equipped with hopper plate especially designed to feed banknotes with friction counting technology, thus making this component most suitable with the characteristic of banknotes in Indonesia, which is paper-based instead of polymer-based.

Counterfeit Detector

In addition, with Glory’s acclaimed Recognition and Authentication technologies, Glory DE-100 banknote deposit machine is capable of recognizing multi-currency and distinguishing counterfeit banknotes.

Reject Stacker

Glory DE-100 cash deposit machine supported with reject stacker that can hold up to 20 notes. Reject stacker is the component where the counterfeit suspects or unfit banknotes are accumulated. In case Glory DE-100 cash deposit machine rejects the poor quality banknotes (UNFIT), customers may take the money back and not include them on the hopper.


Glory DE-100 automatic cash deposit machine is equipped with escrow that can accommodate up to 100 notes at a time before customers confirm the transaction and money is delivered to safe unit.

Safe Unit

With a large capacity safe unit using a strong and durable, storage bag, Glory DE-100 self-service cash deposit machine can hold up to 5,000 banknotes. Secured by a shutter closure, the storage bag is safe and easy for transportation. In addition, the bag is also reusable, thus keeping running costs significantly lower.


Glory DE-100 banknote deposit machine is equipped with a thermal printer that generates a receipt upon each successful transaction. This receipt covers details of the transaction, including customer’s registration or ID number (either read from card or manually inputted on numeric keypad), amount of cash (total and number of pieces per denomination), deposit or payment time, etc


Product Size

370 (W) x370 (D) x 1,040(H) mm3


Hopper: Approx 300 notes


Storage Bag: Approx 5,000 notes


Reject: Approx: 20 notes


Escrow: Approx 100 notes


Approx 600 notes/ minute


Approx 70kg

Power Supply

100-240V +/− 10% : 0.9A-0.4A, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 52W

I/F Port



Card Reader:  MS Type ISO1


Bar Code Reader: EAN(JAN), UPC, ITF, CODE39, CODE128 Supported Symbologies


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