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Coin Counting Machine

Shop coin counting machine from our store at a very affordable price. We sell good quality of coin counting machine at a very reasonable price. Shop now from us!
The MachinesKingdom is the exclusive provider for coin counting machine for sale online. All our specially designed counters are equipped well enough to reduce the coin counting time with a high-level accuracy of up to 2000 coins in a minute. Designed exclusively to recognize the individual denomination and sort them into large bins within no time. These come with multi-functionality option and are easy to operate with a robust and compact design. For ease of verification, our sorters will quickly sort out the coins into several batches, increasing operational efficiency.
Our high-speed optical sensors and rotating disks sense and sort coins based on its own unique diameter and thickness to funnel them into receiving trays. The high-quality digital display is provided to display the information regarding the number of coins sorted and the total value of currency calculated.

  1. Cassida C200 Coins Counting & Sorting Machines

    Separates and counts mixed denominations in one easy step no adjustment needed Learn More

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  2. Cassida C550 Coin Counters and Sorters

    Ideal for banks, retail stores, entertainment centers, game slots, vendors trades, transportation companies and other businesses, where precise counting is necessary. Learn More

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  3. Cassida UNO Plus Counterfeit Detector

    Powerful IR Technology for authentication The Cassida Uno instantly ensures the paper currency you’re taking is genuine. This state-of-the art detector identifies infrared (IR) security marks that are present on authentic currency, but are invisible to the naked eye. Simply place bills under the high resolution monitor to instantly confirm bills have the required infrared markings. Learn More

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