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CTS Cashpro CM-18 Cash Recycling Machine


Quick Overview

  • 3.5” operator touch screen interface

  • Modular note storage allows for multiple configurations based on capacity needs

  • Simultaneous processing of up to four currencies

  • ARCA Care remote service plan

  • Lighting system on input/output bins for customer usability

  • Lockable upper track for customer applications

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On Orders Over 2000-/AED
  •  Accept Cash On Delivery
  •  Price Beat Guarantee
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The problem with cash

Congratulations! You're making a bunch of cash. But there's a catch.

Everyday, retail businesses have to stop and take personnel away from making money, so they can count it. No matter how you look at it, time spent manually processing cash is a money loser. 

The CM18 cash recycler drastically reduces the time you spend counting and recounting cash, so you can get your staff back to the sales floor fast. 

The CM18 is a fully-certified safe that automatically processes cash, quickly and accurately. It identifies, authenticates and counts notes, sorts denominations in secured containers and provides auditable details for each transaction. This happens in a few minutes, instead of hours, no human error recounts or dual control to slow things down.  

Cash automation redirects your valuable resources away from operations and allows you to use them on service and sales. The ROI is fast, beginning on day one.

The CTS CM18 cash recycler will pay for itself quickly and allows your staff to focus on making money.

What is cash recycling?

Cash in, cash out.

Cash recycling technology optimizes cash flow within the retail business. It reduces the amount of cash in the store by taking in cash as a deposit and reusing, (recycling), the same notes for use in the next shift's tills. Excess cash is sent to the bank. The amount of operational float is greatly reduced. This puts more money in the store's bank account instead of the store.   

Start and end of shift processes are automated and labor can be re-allocated to more profitable, customer-centric activities. A complete, fast ROI is on your way.

Reduces Risk and Loss

The CM18 cash recycler is a security jackpot.

  • Cash is stored in a secure safe
  • Cash float is reduced
  • If a robbery occurs, cash is dispensed in small amounts, discouraging thieves
  • A cash recycler is an obstacle for thieves seeking the path of least resistance
  • A silent alarm can be sent while dispensing cash
  • Human error cash handling events are reduced
  • Employee theft opportunities are reduced
  • Audits are performed quickly and therefore can be more frequent
  • Exposed cash is quickly secured

Real-time monitoring and reports

Complete cash visibility.

ARCA is dedicated to creating technology that offers many options and choices. The CM18 cash recycler is no exception. 

We have several systems available to operate the CM18 cash recycler. All deliver real-time reporting and monitoring for complete visibility of your cash position. We're happy to explain the differences and help you make a great decision. 

The Hardware

Proven reliability and flexibility

For decades, the CM18 cash recycler has been  flagship product to the banking industry. It is a workhorse of a machine and we a proud to now offer it to retail businesses. ARCA has engineered redundancies in the CM18 cash recycler. This ensures that the technology stays running even in the most demanding environments. 

The CM18T offers scalable cash capacity. You can start out with eight cash recycling cassette modules and if that's all you need, you're done. But if your business grows faster than you expect you can add four more cassettes without replacing the whole machine. You decide which denominations you recycle and which ones you dispense for CIT pickup.It all depends on your unique cash flow. Our philosophy is one size never fits all. 



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